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Oliena is situated in eastern-central Sardinia, inland and a few kilometres south-east of Nuoro, set among the vineyards and olives that are the characteristic landscape of the region.

A medium sized town, Oliena is easily recognised by the impressive mountainous backdrop provided by Mount Corrasi.

The centre of the town is the square in front of the Church of Santa Maria, and the cobbled streets that radiate off from here through the narow streets of medieval houses. Most small Sicilian towns and villages have a sprinkling of churches and Oliena is no different, with 11 different churches to choose from and admire. The Church of Saint Ignatius is the most important of these.

This is also a good place to organise your trips into the mountains - and it is the mountains and countryside around the town that provide most of the activity at Oliena for visitors, and many interesting trips are available. One of the most popular is the trek up to the prehistoric 'nuraghe' village of Tiscali.

Olieana also has a long tradition for its folk activities: costumes, singing and dancing, so be sure to visit the town during a festival or performance if possible.

Note: Oliena is one of six towns on Sardinia granted the Orange Flag - an Italian award for town with sustainable tourism.

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