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Nuoro is considered to be the cultural centre for the entire island of Sardinia, Italy. Famous artists who have left remarkable masterpieces have been born in Nuoro. Some of them are Sebastiano Satta, a poet; and Grazia Deledda, the Nobel Prize winner in the year 1926.

The Nuoro Province stretches to 7044 km. with 43,000 in population. The province is the 3rd largest on the island of Sardinia and was established in the year 1927.

Seuna and Santu Predu are villages close to Nuoro that used to be part of the town. These two are connected by a narrow alley.

The town’s historical centre hosts interesting monuments inviting more tourists at present times. The monuments have been preserved dating back to centuries of their construction.

The Santuario of Madonna delle Grazie dates back to 1670 and has recently been restored. Grazia Deledda’s house-museum or the Museum of Life and Popular Tradition holds a famous collection of traditional and antique Sardinian tools. Another famous interesting structure for tourists is the Archaeological and Cave Museum.

August is the summer time of Sardinia. During this time the “Sagra del Redentore” is held. It is a traditional event that displays the colours and sounds of the culture of Sardinia. The event religiously takes place annually that started in the year 1901. It reminds the people of the vow made by Leone XIII. He was responsible for putting up the statue of Jesus on 19 mountains. The number being 19 is connected to the 19 centuries of Christianity. One of these statues can be found atop Mount Ortobene.

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