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Cagliari is the capital of Sardinia. The Sardinian name for it is Casteddu which means castle. Cagliari’s population is 160,000 and 400,000 counting its suburbs namely Assemini, Elmas, Capoterra, Selargius, Sestu, Monserrato, Quartucciu, and Quartu Sant’Elena.

The old part of the city is called the Castello positioned atop a hill overlooking the Gulf or Cagliari or Angels Gulf. The city features 2 white lime-stone towers dating back to the 13th century namely the St. Pancras Tower and the Elephant Tower. You the city walls and other structures made up of white lime stone. Cagliari is believed to be set up on 7 hills: Bonaria, Sant’Elia, Monte Urpinu, Castello, Monte Claro, San Michele, and Tuvixeddu.

The Cathedral in Cagliari was restored during the 1930s. Parts of the church are original such as the bell tower and a marble lion destroying a serpent created during the 12th century. The Provincial Government used to be the governor’s palace earlier than 1900. It is close to the Cathedral. The Sardinian Archaeological Museum is found in Castello. You will also find craftsmen masterpieces and scenic lanes in Castello.

Among the most important Palaeo-Christian monuments in Sardinia is the Basilica di San Saturnino built in the 5th century. This was constructed to give honor to the death of the martyr Saturninus of Cagliari under Diocletian’s reign. Saturninus is the patron saint of the city.

Marina, Stampace, and Villanova are old districts that were able to maintain their original appeal and continue to function as unique villages.

Remains of an ancient city are still evident. The most striking structures are found at the Roman Amphitheatre. You will witness open-air operas and concert performances here during the summers.

Districts developed during the 1930s are good examples of Art Deco architecture. One example is the Justice Court or Palazzo di Giustizia in the Republic Square that feeds on the ideals of Fascist neoclassicism. Close to the Justice Court is Monte Urpinu which is the biggest town park lined with pine trees and man-made lakes. Another famous spot is the city’s botanical garden named The Orto Botanico dell'Università di Cagliari.

The Poetto beach is the longest among the beaches in an Italian town. It stretches to 13 km and known for the white and fine sand it possesses.

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