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Bosa is 40km south of Alghero formed in a straight line. It is the only town located on Nuoro’s little stretch making it an appealing destination for a one day tour.

Most tourists travel to Bosa by land. From Alghero there are two route options to get to Bosa: the inland route and the coast road. The SP292 via the Villanova Monteleone is the inland route that discovers the mountains and shows off the panoramic views of Alghero. The SP49 is the more direct coast route with the mountains on one side and sparkling sea waters on the other side.

The coast route lines up a number of pristine beaches. La Speranza is a sandy beach found 8 km south of Alghero hosting a snack-bar and restaurant. Road side parking bays can be found 5 km south of Bosa that gives access to little sandy island coves.

Bosa is found 5 km inland. It is adorned by the River Temo, the only river in Sardina which is navigable. The location of the town is an isolation surrounded by mountains and the sea. This situation provides reason as to how tourist development has been slow and how the town has maintained a relaxed atmosphere.

The town is dominated by the remains of a medieval fortress built by the powerful Malaspina family in year 1112. The structure is called Castello Malaspina. A single church along with the fortress has survived in the name of Nostra Signora di Regnos Altos. It has preserves some Catalan style frescos from the 14th century.

The Cathedral is found at the south of the Castle and on the north riverbank by the bridge. The cathedral dates back to the 15th century with an exterior designed during the recent Baroque period. You will find superb interior made of marble sculptures and frescos dating back to the 19th century.

The Bosa Marina can be found at the mouth of River Temo which was once the location of the main town. Today, you will find sandy beaches that seem to be guarded by a Spanish watchtower with hotels, restaurants, and bars along its coast.

Note: Bosa is one of two villages on Sardinia classified as 'most beautiful villages in Italy' (the other is Castelsardo).

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