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Alghero is found on the northwest coast of Sardinia. In recent years, the place has become a key tourist destination. The good thing is that it has retained its idiosyncratic Catalan character influenced by Pedro IV or Aragon. Pedro IV seized control of Alghero in the mid-14th century that displayed the intense period of Spanish colonization at the time.

The current role of Alghero now aims at the integration of a tourist destination and a thriving port. With the aim being fulfilled, the island maintains a year round economy apart from the busy months of summer.

Among all of Sardinia tourist destinations, Alghero is considered to be the most Italian. It boasts of an old town center that welcomes its visitors at sea. The sea front can be seen with labyrinthic intersections of narrow transport lanes usually free from car traffic. Hotels, bars, cafes, and restaurants line the sea front preserving the reputable quality of seafood at the Alghero.

Tourists will find that day trip opportunities are plenty in Alghero. The Grotta di Nettuno or Neptune’s Grotto, a popular cave complex 15km west of Capo Caccia peninsula, is a famous tourist destination and one of the most impressive cave complexes within Italy.

The Bosa and Stintino resorts in Alghero are worthy of visits. Bosa is a compact centre comprised of narrow streets and laid-back ambience extending to the Bosa Marina within 3 km where you can reach the beach. Stintino is smaller than Bosa laid on the northwestern tip of Alghero where you will find a beautiful coastline at La Pelosa.

Important archaeological sites are also preserved in the island. The most preserved nuraghic complex is found in Nuraghe di Palmavera. Anghelu Ruju which is close to the Alghero airport is a necropolis with about 40 entombment chambers

There are plenty of day trip destinations in Alghero. You can go to Neptune’s Grotto, Bosa, Stintino, Anghelu Ruju, Argentiera, and Nuraghe di Palmavera.

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